About Osmania University

Osmania University, established in the year 1918, is the seventh oldest university in the country, third oldest in South India and the oldest in the Telangana State. It was founded by His Exalted Highness Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Seventh Nizam of Hyderabad State. It was the first university to impart higher education through Urdu as the medium of instruction. It is the largest affiliating university in Asia with about 740 affiliated colleges spread over 3 districts of Telangana State (Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medak) providing academic and research facilities for nearly five lakh students. It was accredited with a ‘FIVE STAR’ rating by the NAAC in the year 2001, and reaccredited with the highest grade ‘A’ in 2008. It has been ranked 7th among thetop Indian Universities as per the recent survey done by IndiaToday–Nielson.

Osmania University is a multi-faculty and multi-campus university offering comprehensive education with 12 faculties and 53 academic departments spread over eight campus and eight constituent colleges. It offers 21 academic courses at the UG level (with125 combinations) and 72 at the PG level in addition to M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in 27 and 54 disciplines respectively. It has the strength of nearly 1000 teaching and 3500 non-teaching staff. Prof. G. Ram Reddy Centre for Distance Education offers around 48 UG, PG and professional courses to nearly 50,000 students in the different disciplines approved by Distance Education Council. The campus is also a home away from home for nearly 4000 international students from about 80 countries. It has forged academic collaborations with 20 national and 12 international organizations. The university has introduced several measures to achieve a paradigm shift from a teacher-centric approach to a learner-centric education.

The University has launched several new initiatives in teaching, learning and research to keep pace with global trends in higher education. These initiatives are aimed at empowering the students with knowledge and skills, of improving their academic performance, and increasing their employability. The University established linkages with industry for promotion of sponsored research and consultancy, and also academic and research collaboration with many national and international organizations through MoUs. The University has established a Technology Development Centre to promote incubation facilities for high-end research in Engineering and Technology and has commissioned Central Instrumentation Facility to provide high-end analytical and other research instruments with state-of-the-art modular and computing labs catering to research needs.


The Government of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh has entrusted the Osmania University to conduct the APSET Examination for the year 2012 through its G.O.MS. No. 155 dated 9-12-2011. The Osmania University has established an Office of the APSET with all infrastructure and personnel required to conduct the examination. The Jurisdiction of the APSET-2012 has covered the 45 Universities, 316 Government Degree Colleges, 179 Aided-Degree Colleges in Andhra Pradesh. On the request of the Government of Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, the UGC, New Delhi has granted provisional accreditation for the conduct of Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility TEST (APSET)-2012 vide Ref. No. F.7-10/2012(NET) dated 28-03-2012 for 24 subjects for one year.

The Steering Committee and Moderation Committee were constituted as per the Guidelines of the UGC, New Delhi and Government of Andhra Pradesh and meetings were conducted.After successful conduct of SET examination in 2012, the University applied for Re-accreditation in the year 2013. The Expert Committee constituted by UGC, visited the University in the year 2013 and granted accreditation for three years i.e. May, 2013 to May, 2015 vide ref. no. F.17-10/2012(NET/SET) dated17-05-2013 in 27 subjects.During the above three years accreditation period, two notifications were issued and conducted SET examinations successfully and declared results on time.

The supplementary results in accordance with UGC-NET, the proportion of result for SET-2012 was considered for top 7 % among the appeared candidates.

Year-wise SET Registered, Appeared and Qualified Candidates:

The Osmania University was the Nodal Agency for the past three SET Examinations. There are 1,17,797 candidates were registered for SET-2012 and the appeared were 96,955. Among the appeared, 11,073 were cleared the SET examination which constitutes 11.42%. During 2013, 27 subjects were offered in the SET, 1,26,808 candidates were registered while 98,565 were appeared the test. A total of 6,267 candidates were got cleared their SET examination whose composition is 6.35%. Similarly, 1,35,947 and 1,02,388 candidates were registered and appeared SET respectively. Out of 1,02,388 test appeared candidates, 6,432 were cleared SET examination. The result was 6.28 percentage for SET-2014.Nevertheless, altogether 23,772 candidates were cleared SET both in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.

The SET Notifications have not been announced for 2015 and 2016 due to Reorganization of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State. The existing nomenclature of SET (APSET) and set-up pertains to the State of Andhra Pradesh, therefore, newly formed Telangana State is supposed to seek the permission from UGC to conduct the TS-SET Examination.

The SET was conducted during 2012 and 2013 was for United Andhra Pradesh and the SET-2014 was for both states (AP & TS) conducted in the month of February on the request of Andhra Pradesh.

The Government of Telangana through its G.O.MS.No. 16, dated 19-06-2016 has identified the Osmania University as its State agency for conducting SET examination and the proposal has prepared by State Agency for re-accreditation of SET and forwarded by the Special Chief secretary of Higher Education, Government of Telangana to UGC, New Delhi in July-2016. The UGC, New Delhi examined the proposal and constituted a peer Committee to review re-accreditation for SET.

A UGC Peer Committee visited the Osmania University on 13th November 2016, headed by Prof. R.C. Kuhad, Vice –Chancellor, Central University of Haryana to review and examine Accreditation to TS-SET and submitted a detailed report to the UGC, New Delhi.

Based on the recommendation of the Accreditation Committee, the UGC, has decided to grant Accreditation to Osmania University, Hyderabad for conducting SET exam during the three years period with effect from 29-12-2016 on behalf of the State of Telangana in 29 subjects. Vide UGC Letter No.F.7-17/ Telangana SET / 2016 (NET)

Accordingly, the TS-SET Conducted during 2017,2018 and 2019 successfully

The SET Notifications have not been announced for 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 Locldown and other reasons. The Government of Telangana through its G.O.No. 49, dated 25-03-2022 was identified the Osmania University as its State nodal agency for conducting SET examination and the proposal was prepared by State Agency for re-accreditation of SET and forwarded by the Secretary of Higher Education, Government of Telangana to UGC, New Delhi in June-2022. The UGC, New Delhi examined the proposal and given re-accreditation for SET vide letterNo.F.4-2/90(NET) dated,07-10-2022 and the Steering Committee was formed as per UGC guidelines and conducted a meeting on 21-12-2022.

Year-wise SET Registered, Appeared and Qualified Candidates:

Year Total No. of Subject Offered Total No. of Registered Candidates Total No. of CandidatesAppeared Total No. of Qualified Candidates % of the Qualified Candidates
2012 24 1,17,797 96,955 11,073 11.42 *
2013 27 1,26,808 98,565 6,267 6.35
2014 27 1,35,947 1,02,388 6,432 6.28
2017 29 68,381 56,111 3,726 6.64
2018 29 64,993 51,739 3,759 7.27%
2019 29 44,649 32,284 2,438 7.55%
2022 29 50,256 40,128 2,857 7.12%
Total No. of Qualified Candidates 36,552




The TS-SET-2023 will be conducted in the following subjects:

Subject Code Subject Medium of Question Paper
01 Geography English
02 Chemical Sciences (which includes)
  • I. Analytical Chemistry
  • II. Inorganic Chemistry
  • III. Organic Chemistry
  • IV. Physical Chemistry
  • V. Medicinal Chemistry
  • VI. Applied Chemistry
  • VII. Nuclear Chemistry
  • VIII. Environmental Chemistry
  • IX. Marine Chemistry
  • X. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • XI. Bio-inorganic Chemistry
03 Commerce English & Telugu
04 Computer Science & Applications English
05 Economics English & Telugu
06 Education English & Telugu
07 English English
08 Earth Sciences (which includes)
  • I. Geology
  • II. Applied Geology
  • III. MS Geology
  • IV. Geophysics
  • V. Meteorology
  • VI. Marine Geology
  • VII. Petroleum Geology
  • VIII. Geo-Informatics
  • IX. Applied Geochemistry
  • X. Oceanography
09 Life Sciences (which includes)
  • I. Botany
  • II. Biochemistry
  • III. Biotechnology
  • IV. Genetics
  • V. Microbiology
  • VI. Zoology
  • VII. Fishery Science
  • VIII. Animal Biology
  • IX. Marine Biology
  • X. Applied Genetics
10 Journalism & Mass Communication English
11 Management English
12 Hindi Hindi
13 History English & Telugu
14 Law English
15 Mathematical Sciences (which includes)
  • I. Mathematics
  • II. Applied Mathematics
  • III. Statistics
  • IV. Applied Statistics
  • V. Mathematics with Computer Science
16 Physical Sciences (which includes)
  • I. Atomic & Molecular Physics
  • II. Classical Dynamics
  • III. Condensed Matter Physics
  • IV. Electromagnetic
  • V. Experimental Design
  • VI. Electronics
  • VII. Nuclear, Space & Particle Physics
  • VIII. Quantum Physics
  • IX. Thermodynamics
  • X. Astronomy
  • XI. Astrophysics
17 Physical Education English
18 Philosophy English & Telugu
19 Political Science English & Telugu
20 Psychology English
21 Public Administration English & Telugu
22 Sociology English & Telugu
23 Telugu Telugu
24 Urdu Urdu
25 Library & Information Science English
26 Sanskrit Sanskrit
27 Social Work English & Telugu
28 Environmental Studies English
29 Linguistics English